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Travel Date: July 28 - 30, 2014

From CORON to Boracay

If some of you read my CORON TRIP well this is the continuation of my epic (epic daw oh) journey to these two paradise in the Philippines.

My Boracay trip was far different from my CORON Journey. If everything in Coron was in rush, Boracay is some sort of relaxation for me. I have my itinerary to all the activities that I wanted to do, but due to my leg pain and headaches, I choose to just seat at the seashore and watch people playing with the waves and feasted my eyes to the beauty of this place.

Being able to visit Calaguas and all the negative feedback I‘ve heard and read about Boracay I didn’t expect too much here.

Back to manila from Busuanga was a little bit scary, the flight was been delayed for minutes only because heavy rain started to pour out again, and first time I experienced an almost 20 minutes of turbulence, I just prayed and sing some praise and worship songs, my fear fade away and it turned out to be fun because I am just like riding in a roller coaster.

We arrived in Terminal 3 on time. Feeling so tired and my head is already throbbing in pain, walking with my backpack is really “harmful”, the crew of the airlines fetch me at the arrival area but the guard insisted that they can’t pick me up and transfer me in a “shortcut” even though I have a connecting flight. (arrival and departure door is just 20 step walks away), even though the airline crew explain about my leg pain and about my boarding pass, the guard did not permitted us to take the “shortcut” route.

The flight going to Boracay (via Caticlan Airport) was been delayed due to poor weather in Caticlan, I informed the orchids resort manager about it he sent someone to pick me at the airport.

Finally!!!  ;)

With headache and empty stomach, I did a nap on board, good thing I don’t have a seat meat I was able to make some stretching.

Hello Boracay...
Upon Exit, I saw the signage of Orchids Resort holding by Reggie/Gerry. I gave P500.00 to him and let him do all the payment for all the fees that I needed.

Environmental Fee            75.00
Tricycle Fee                       80.00
Boat Ride Fee                    30.00
Add:                                 100.00 – From Manoc-Manoc Port to Boracay (another tricycle ride)
Grand Total                   285.00

Reggie carry my heavy backpack and he became my instant photographer
After the never ending fees (hehehe) I finally set my foot in Boracay.

Orchids Resort is located at station 3. I immediately took some rest as I entered to my room
My P700.00 non-aircon room

It rained that afternoon so I choose to stay inside my room and had my biscuits as my late lunch and take a good nap (zzzzzz.......)

It was 5:30pm when i decided to explore the long stretch of beach of Boracay and ate at Andoks for my Dinner.

My first day in Boracay wasnt that exciting, after my lunch and as the heavy rain stop pouring i immediately run to the nearest store to buy some amenities such as shampoo, gatorade and other snacks and went back to my room.

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