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March 2, 2013: Baguio City: A Crazy Trip

I was home when boredome attacked me while watching docu t.v. news 11. Suddenly my itchy feet wants to go somewhere. I dont know where to go when I saw the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio.

I used to live in Baguio decades ago, so I'm quiete familiar to the place and my last visit was year 2008. Tagal na diba?

I brought this matter to my friend in the office. Called her local and talk about this plan, after a long discussion she decided to tag along with me, we mentioned this plans to my other friend whom I know has a dream to visit baguio for so long (she's been there when shes 9 years old) getting there would also a dream come true to her, because filing a V.L to our company is so hard, we agreed to have this trip short. 

We made our reservation from Cubao to Baguio via Victory Liner Cubao Station for March 2, 2013 at 11:00pm estimated travel time is 5 - 6 hours, and our E.T.A in the city of pines would be around 5:00am of March 3, 2013.

After the booking I decided to monitor the weather and made a little research. Search for the places that we can visit. I know this is going to be like an amazing race, we cannot visit all the tourist spot in a day specially when i added the visit of Ukay-Ukay. I did draft an itinerary too.

We waited for one week and everyone is full of adrenaline rush, everyone is excited, we even had our dress rehearsal, the bags that we will use and clothes that we need to used. (as if naman magtatagal kami) and that is our biggest mistakes to bring at least 3 kinds of clothes that we cannot use.. hahahaha..

And for the Budget Challenge: P1,500.00 per head - mmmm lets see if we made this.. 

After office hour of March 2 (saturday) we agreed to meet at Victory Liner cubao station at 10:00pm, my two companions was early (di naman sila excited) ehe..
AVA - at Victory Liner Cubao Station while wating for our ETD
We left Cubao Station at exactly 11:00pm, I was hoping that I can sleep on the bus so that I can gain strenght once we arrived but no avail.

It was 3:30am when we arrived in baguio.. too early right? Grabe, it was freezing cold, our clothes are not enough to make us warm. Upon entering at Victory Liner Baguio Terminal we proceed second floor ticketing office to book our return ticket on the same date, but unfortunately there is no available seat for March 3 so we decided to get a 12:40am of March 4, 2013. After we purchased our return ticket we went to comfort room to freshen up and had to wait more hours for the sunrise.
Ava and I at Victory Liner Baguio (this is a sleep friendly terminal)
Me - taking some nap while waiting for sunrise
Exactly 5:30am we hailed taxi going to Session Road to have our breakfast at any fastfood, then I forgot that Session Road was closed to all kinds of transport. We paid P45.00 from Victory liner to Upper Session Road Jollibee, we just shell out P15.00 each.
Ava - waiting for her turn 
Our breakfast
After our breakfast we start our City tour it was still dark then when we left the fast food. Headed down to Session Road and look for some posible pasalubong but most of the store are still closed. From session road we cross the Harizon Plaza to take a glimpse of Burnham Park. After Burnham Park, we went back to H.P to ride a jeep going to Botanical Garden 

Welcome to Botanical Garden (No entrance Fee)

The New Look of Botanical Garden 
We did explore the place change clothes and made a calls to our love ones informing them that we are in Baguio some of them are shock.. Di naman daw kami gala. ahahaha
calling his son -informing shes in baguio. hahaha

stairways to nowhere.. feeling lang

Botanical Garden 
We just walk from Botanical Garden to Wright Park, besides its healthy to walk.... right?! then I just did this pose (para sa wala lang) 15 minutes walk is not that bad huh!
Hitch !!!
Wright Park - You can have a horse back riding in this site so many horses to choose from.
Wright Park (No entrance fee too)
and because we dont have any intentions to have a horse back riding we proceed to take this 100 plus steps of stairs going to the Mansion, yes folks, you can take this one if you want some tiring hiking going to "The Mansion" hehehehe.. mabubuhay dugo mo dito sa pagod.. promise!
the Stairways to "The Mansion" 
We were sore tired when we reach the top, we had a little rest when a taho vendor offer a strawbery taho for P20.00 each. the taste is okey.
Strawberry Taho P20.00 each

sige lakad lang
"The Mansion" (No entrance fee)
After "The Mansion" we took taxi going to Minesview, we paid P50.00 for this ride. Mababait ang mga taxi driver sa baguio they are giving sukli.
our Taxi going to Minesveiw

dapat ako din...
Minesview - Photo Opts with Doughlas - the working dog - P50.00 for 3 shots, a bit pricey but I just love dog..
Welcome to Minesview - 
 opcorrsss.. minesview viewdeck - you should not miss this area, agawan kaya ng pwesto dito because this a picturesque site. Before you reach this area you will pass a colorful horses where you can have a pictures i think its P10.00-20.00 per shot.
minesview viewdeck
after "Picture Taking" time go buy pasalubong, we haggle on this store for varieties of jams, brittle and lengua de gato etc. I bought strawberry jam, lengua de gato each cost 25.00 per piece not bad right? then proceeded to Good sheperd to buy also the UBE Jam - I heard that they have a very delicious jam.
Minesview stall 
Took 7 - 10 minutes walk from minesview going to Good Sheperd, I know medyo matagal na lakaran ang nangyari, but you cant blamed us, we carry heavy load of bags on our way from minesview (remember, we already bought pasalubong there) I don't have any plans to buy another jam because of budget, I need to keep a few buck coz we are still on tour, upon arrival tourist flocks on each counter buying boxes of jams, then decided to join my friend to get jams too, and in fairness, the ube jam and strawberry jam are delicious, you can use your credit card for 11 pcs above purchases and thats what we did (that if you dont have enough cash like us)
Good Sheperd
After good sheperd we ride taxi again going to Philippine Military Academy (P.M.A) the taxi did passed at John Hay from Minesview, the driver says that, that is the fastest way, along the way we took some shots of this parade display, paid only 120.00 for this ride 40.00 each.
Camp John Hay

Upon entering you need to leave your I.D at the guard and they will not allowed anyone to wear sandals like fliptops so better bring extra with you.
Philippine Military Academy (P.M.A)
The Famous Tree House in P.M.A
another tree but not house =)
Behind is the Tree House
look how clean each streets
Feeling maglakad talaga
wala lang
sa sobrang tuwa ko sa linis ng PMA I took a lot of Pictures on each street na madaanan namin. It was a tiring walk in PMA and we are hungry and we agreed to end the tour, so we waited for about 15 minutes for Jeepney back to Plaza. P18.00 each, I forgot how many minutes travel basta ang alam ko naka idlip kami sa biyahe heheheh

We ate at KFC SM Baguio, yun lang kasi ang may mauupuan sa sobrang dami ng tao remember its the end of Panagbenga beside where tired and hungry and we need to hurry for our next spot, we left our baggage to SM Supermarket para light lang diba?

Our next stop: Tam-awan village instead Lourdes and Dominican Hill, coz 2 of us already visited the Lourdes and Dominican and we are already tired. Fall in line at SM Baguio taxi lane, grabe ang haba ng pila teh, as in, and we can feel the breeze again. As usual mabait ulit ang nasakyan naming taxi driver, sabi sa inyo mababait ang mga taxi driver sa baguio eh, he gave us some information about tam-awan, how far it is from lourdes and dominican and he also gave me an ideas where to buy ukay and that is in the Bayanihan daw, so knowing the place we agreed that after our tam-awan village tour we will go straight to bayanihan.

Tam-awan Village entrance is P50.00 per head you they will give you some maps which is going to be your guide, you are on your own, so for us this, is going to be a bit of fun, reading maps hahahahaa.. It was getting cold by the time we started our tour.
welcome Tam-awan Village
The camera battery run out by the time we get on the second level of Tam-awan, so most of the shots came from my phone. Tara, lets start the tour...
Entrance to Tam-Awan Village
stick to your map and you wont be lost, the place is quite confusing but we learned it easily though. My other travel buddy felt the coldness of weather already besides its already past 3:00pm when we get there and theres a little rain shower already, So i told her we need to walk further so that our body can produce some heat, but she felt that she cant make it anymore. We left her at the third level, ava and i continued our trek until we reach the summit of Tam-awan
Second level - really did enjoy this one
 The trek will start on easy and as you reach each level is it getting harder and harder, beside our feet is already sores from lots of walking, and tam-awan village was quiete slippery that time because of a rainshower but Ava and I enjoyed the moment of trekking besides this will determined if she can make it to El Nido (anong connection ng baguio sa el Nido?) . I enjoy the scenery really. I love nature, and walk and pass this road refresh me from tiredness.

We went confused by the time we reached the middle part of the "jungle" (jungle daw oh) hahaha. we dont know which road we should take until we met some "hikers" going down and pointed to us the right directions. (feeling mountainer kami eh) and they said "goodluck nalang sa inyo" and then they laugh. mmmm we stared at each others eyes and ask "what do they mean?" but then we chose to take that as a joke and proceed to our trek. Finally we reached the summit.. I was wondering then. "where is the summit, Where is the dream catcher here?" because according to the map thats already the end of the trek, then Ava pointed out something to me sorry guys forgot to take some shot of the "dream catcher" we just laugh together and realized yun pala ang sinasabi nilang "good luck" sa amin nung mga kasalubong naming tourist..
The summit - Where it is?
 Anyways, ang mahalaga narating namin ang summit, fulfillment na din naman yon it took us one hour of trek back and forth
going down
 We did enjoy the view and the fog at the top

took noticed of this site while coming down, its creepy once you stared this one inside and I didnt dare to do it second time (takutin daw ang sarili.. haaha)
quiete creepy eh
 Before we went down we visited the tam-awan colesium again, forgot to take some shots and made a little chat to the employees, after the trek we cleaned up, ikaw ba naman ang pagpawisan despite of the fog, they have a nice rest room, continous water on the faucets.
waiting for taxi
While waiting for the taxi the fog came down and we shiverred on the coldness, when finally after 10 years of waiting nakasakay din kami ng taxi.
ginaw ...  grrrrr
Ask the driver to drop us at Bayanihan paid P78.00 for this ride. We bought jackets at ukay -ukay, mura lang kasi and good quality ang mga products, unexpected things happened, the rain poured out that evening.
Sa dami ba naman nang bit-bit namin namin from ukay plus tomguts na din kami, my travel buddies doesnt want to ride a taxi, mahal daw, but ending up riding on a jeepney and walk so far... tawa nalang ang ginawa namin kesa mainis diba. Ate our dinner at SM chowking, sa labas kami kumain daming tao sa loob, and it was a wrong decision coz its freezing cold already after dinner we get our things at sm baggage counter, from here we took taxi again, paid P45.00 we are sore tired and so sleepy by the time we reach the victory liner terminal, freshen up change our clothes pack our things and waited for our time of departure, the rain didnt stop and we can feel the coldness in our bone that very moment.

Back home at 7:00am of March 4, 2013, and have no energy to report for work, took my leave for that day and slept all day.

Authors Note:
1. Bring extra sweater aside from jacket with you if your planning to visit on those seasons, you cannot feel the breeze while the sun is rising, but if you want to avoid pnuemonia better take an extra cautions.
2. Don't dare the explore Baguio City for a day like what we did, one day is not enough to visit each spots two days and one night will do.

Thank you God for your provisions and your protection on this baguio trip, glory to you Jesus that I able to write and share my experienced and thought about this trip, Thank you Holy Spirit for helping me to create this post.

Happy reading....

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