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Sagada - Echo Valley Tour

Travel Date: November 29, 2015

From Echo Valley to Underground River to Bokong Falls and our Last Stop is Sumaguing Cave

As we arrived in Sagada and heard about the congested tour in Sumaguing Cave and No Tour Guides anymore we Check-Inn first in Residential Lodge and Thank God, the favor is in us the moment I got in SAGGAS a guide came and I manage to deal with Kuya guide and after the swift event of everything the Echo Valley Tour Began.

We paid P35.00 each for Tourism fee at Tourism Office, always keep the ticket with you because you need to present it for every activity except Kiltepan Peak.

I mentioned to Kuya Guide that we will just visit the Echo Valley and Bokong Falls as we don't have any idea what to do in Underground River besides we are all tired and weary from 12 hours bus ride just to reach the Sagada.
Cemetery - A traverse route going to Echo Valley

Echo Valley Tour

A Road from Cemetery down to Hanging coffin
down down down....
Rest for Awhile
The enroute of the Hanging Coffin is the Cemetery from there you will traverse the Echo Valley (they called it echo valley because it bounced back the sound once you shout and we tried it for stress release) the place is also packed with tourist and some just came from Hanging Coffin back to Town and we thought that we are going to do the same but no... because of the mis-understanding of our guide from Echo Valley to Hanging coffin we just continue our trek down then that's only the time I asked him where are we heading and why we are not coming back he then told me that we are going to Underground River, surprised then explain to him that underground river is not part of our activity but we cant go back anymore my companion though exhausted agreed to push through nandun nalang din lang ituloy na though I don't have any idea what to see in underground river.

After the never ending walking we finally reach the hanging coffin and of course you need to hurry taking pictures because of huge tourist arrived that time and taking a good spot is hard.

Finally the Hanging Coffin

After the hanging Coffin, we proceeded and that's the time I asked questions where we are heading because I thought we are going back to Cemetery like what other tourist do but our guide told us that we need to proceed going down and even though confused we follow him.

As we reach this place we celebrated we thought we already reach the underground river but to our surprise kuya guide told us not yet and then I approached him and asked him again where we are heading because some of my companion are asking too and very tired and we want some rest before we proceed to another activity, he then answered me that we are going to Bokong Falls passing underground River I said what? but I don't have time to argue I just go with the flow and looking to the road we took I though it would be best if we proceed like what he had planned, then I explained to him that underground river is not part of the activity he then realized that there was a misunderstanding but I didn't argue all I want is to rest my feet .

Note: I don't recommend this activity if you have health problem such as High Blood and if you don't used to do some exercise because this is very very tiring and exhausting.
We had a hard time for this activity as we are not prepared for this kind of trekking, we just console ourselves that it just like having exercise with scenic view some are complaining already but we just laugh at our complains (wala naman kaming magagawa diba) we just choose to enjoy the view despite of our sore body.

We met a Spanish couple along the way and we had a little chit-chat with them and turned out that kuya guide is their tour guide yesterday activity, after few minutes we were shocked on the road, we need to climb and most of us is heavy and no exercise but we manage to push each other to get to the top because that's the only way (sorry I don't have pictures of that).

As of writing, I really cant imagine how did we survive that activity but still thankful to God that we made it.

We thought this is the Underground River as we are looking for entrance
hehehehe..  :)

we need to climb this one to reach  the other side

A little rest before another walkathon

Afraid of the dare? yes, we were all afraid because the only source of light we had is from our cellphone and from the flashlight of our guide but the moment we cross the knee deep water we need to secure our gadget on our bags because the river is very cold and slippery, and the only light that helps us then is the light from the go pro and kuya guide flash light.

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