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Rainy Trip to Coron 2014


The most photograph island in Coron: Kayangan

It was October when my eyes catch the seat sale at Philippine Airlines, without thinking too much I booked my roundtrip ticket for Coron and Boracay, yes you read it right, Coron and Boracay, it was fun at first when I booked this flight without analyzing about the seasons.

When my friend learned about it she just said “Are you okey, you sure you can do it, how will you file a leave? what about the weather? And your budget?” I answered her with a smile and shrugged.

In my mind these questions was really serious, but I just stay positive about it, besides I still have 9 months to prepare and I don’t want to worry on the things that hasn’t come in my way.

Before this trip came, I decided to visit the Sagada, Baguio and Calaguas so I really spend on these out of town trips and my budget for Coron and Boracay is getting thinner.

Filing vacation is difficult for me too, so what I did is I filed it 2 months before my departure and fix everything to avoid rush and prayed that God would give me a good weather and NO Cancel Flight because June – October is a rainy season and July and August is the most crucial weather in this tropical country.

When the 2014 came, I began to scout some cheapest accommodation yet near to the community and I spotted the momita’s lodge and with the great reviews from tripadvisor and blogs, I choose her and contacted her 3 months before my flight and good thing the P700.00 A/C (green room) room is still available.

Originally, my flight is 3:40pm but for some reasons the airlines change it into 2:20pm and that means cramming on my part to get to the airport, and I need to check in before the 45 minutes closing time, so to avoid delayed I decided not to report for work that day and headed to the airport because my place was too far and traffic jam is everywhere due to bad weather that day.

I check inn early and too bad I didn’t check inn my baggage and while waiting for our flight the airline announces that there was a delayed because of low visibility in Busuanga Airport, so my 2:20pm flight became 4:00pm, I cannot blame this to the airlines, it was the safety that is at stake, 4 announcement of delayed flight worried me and started to say a little prayer, then God heard and answer me, the 5th announcement is boarding time.. yahoo!!!

The flight was smooth and I just enjoyed watching clouds

One of the many reasons why i really like flying!!

One of my aerial shot 
It was still cloudy upon our touchdown, but I still thank God for the safe arrival in Busuanga Airport.
Busuanga Airport
My name was been called and I forgot to take picture of my name written in a small white board (feeling tourist hahaha ) when I came out.
Road from Busuanga Airport to Coron town
Coron Town

Past 5:00pm arrived at Momita’s Lodge, I just put my bags inside my room and asked for coffee and head to Coron gallery to purchase some pasalubong, Mamita was so helpful, she recommended me this place and I found the staff very accommodating, it doesn’t matter if you purchase one shirt, they will gladly still assist you.

Momita’s lodge is located in the center of the community in Coron, you can walk from her place to Mt Tapyas and Port is just near to her place.

I wanted to visit Mt. Tapyas on my first day but because I arrived late, Ruth warned me that it would be dangerous for me to go there because there is no street light, so I decided to wake up early morning next day to visit the place besides it was just a walking distance.
My 250.00 dinner at Momitas Lodge

My 700.00 a/c Room 
My first night didn’t go well not because of the room or the noise of the cars and tricycle that passes by but because of the Loud noise that is coming from Centro Coron, it was a restaurant that has a “Live Band” I don’t know exactly what time did the band started but I know what time it ended and the last music they’ve played. It was 3:00am and the last song is “LET’S GET LOUD”, yeah right, they really get loud. For me, the city government should give attention to this kind of noise; people are already resting at that hour.

Actual Expenses

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