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Calaguas 2015

Calaguas – Second Time Around in the Paradise ^_^
Travel Date: May 1, 2015
 **  Back in your Arms Again Calaguas  **
My Calaguas First Visit to this paradise was last 2014 Holy week with my Family and friends, we took the Package from Biyahe Lokal because I find their all in package hassle free, transaction with Sir yani is very smooth.

Where to begin?

My other friend envied me when she saw my pictures in Calaguas and she keeps on insisting to visit the place with her and so we reserved with Biyahe Lokal again (our original date was Holy week but due to personal reasons I had to cancelled it and also there was a typhoon  coming to Bicol Area).

10:30pm depart from Manila and arrived at Vinzon Port around 6:30am. After buying some stuffs (Milk, Gatorade, etc.) we headed to the port, we are 12 including the Coordinator. This time the Bangka is a little bit small and because of the traffic (yes, expects to experience this thing in the port because of flocking tourists in the area going to Calaguas). We encountered problem because the coast guard did not allow us due to lacking of Life Vest. The captain has to find additional life-vest. I think we waited for about an hour, some of our companions had their pack lunch, so they eat their lunch while sailing.

We arrived there almost 12:00pm and no chance to get the good spot for our tent, we were sleepy and hungry and yet we can’t have our own rest, I even requested to change the position of our tent but to no avail, the sun is really shining bright that it hurts our skin so much. After waiting for about 30 minutes our sumptuous dinner arrived and the other group also shared their local “laing” pack by one of their companions, after the sumptuous lunch, we stayed in the nippa hut and bough Ice Candy to freshen our inner body
year 2014 we are the first to arrive in the island, this time, we are the last and because we are the last we also have to worst tent position for three days.

systematic tent accupation because of huge numbers of tourist
My friend was so irritated while I’m grinning at her and mouthed the word “I told you”. Before this trip I already informed her about the inconvenient thing that we could encounter for our 2 nights and 3 days stay there that Calaguas is not like Boracay.
We stayed with locals in their nippa hut while preparing the goods for our Dinner and made a little chitchat and some of them recognize me, and I requested them to grill us a squid and fish (of course you need to give them to money to look for fish and squid) just give them extra once departed from the island as their service though they won’t ask for it.

I met biyaherong barat turned out be one of the coordinator of biyahe local  ^_^

Difference Between Boracay and Calaguas

Like El Nido and Coron in Palawan, Boracay and Calaguas have its own uniqueness when it comes to beauty, they can be comparable but unique on their own.

Boracay offers convenience, fun and lots of activities to choose from while Calaguas offers only her beauty and virginity, Calaguas has a “mountain” top hill where you can capture a good shot of the Island, overlooking of the pacific oceans.

Boracay has a long and wide stretch of different kinds of sands from Station 1 to 3 while Calaguas has a short stretch of shores to explore with a very captivating view of the ocean and a good spot for photo shots (this is my subjective opinion about this two)

As for the night life (which I’m not fun of it) Boracay offers a wide variety of bars and restaurant while Calaguas you can be contented to what you have packed on your bag and enjoy all of it.

For me Calaguas teaches you on how to interact with nature while in Boracay teaches you how to socialize with different types of people with difference races and I just hoped that the tour operator would be responsible in handling business, because as I see it, Calaguas is being raped and torn and few more years, this paradise can become like a Puerto Gallera case in Mindoro wherein her beauty fade away because of the irresponsible actions of humans.

And that’s the end of my story about this “HIDDEN PARADISE IN NORTHERN BICOL”

I can’t find anymore words to describe this island and hopefully these pictures will justify my adjective view about Mahabang Buhanging in Camarines Norte known to many as Calaguas.

I agreed to accompany my friend because I wanted to visit the Mountain Hill Top of the Island and I'm glad that I did it.
now let me show you some of the pictures that I had on my second visit on this charming Island.

Crystal Clear Water of Calaguas
took her time to swim
Powdery Sand of Calaguas

its a must picture :)

you need to climb and jump from sharp rock to another in order to get on spot

Crystal Water of Calaguas on the other side of the Island near Waling WalingResort
The overlooking view of the Mountain Hill top

a pathway going to the other side of Mountain

over looking view of Pacific ocean


Day 3 : Going Back to Manila. Good Bye Calaguas See you again when I see you.
Recently my friend invited to go to Calaguas again but due to my busy schedule I decline the Invitation.
I wanted to visit the Island wherein there's no huge tourist flocking around, I wanted to experienced the Serenity that other blogger tasted on this place, if you read my previous post about Calaguas, I really experienced sleepless nights on those two time visit I had.



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