Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Decision to go back to School

My decision to go back to school
I was supposed to get back to school year 2013 but even though I have some signs I decided to ignored it and continue my life without a plan of everything, I reasoned out a lot, I said I’m old, I might fail the exam besides I already have a regular work which I received a good compensation and I learned how to save through mutual fund, but that small voice keep on insisting about “Back to School”.
I lived my life in 2013 without any plans it was like come what may, that’s all, no directions, I am doing the things that can satisfy my flesh but then again I still feel empty, then I decided that year 2014 would be a travel blast for me because I know I really enjoy visiting place and I did, but still, there is emptiness inside me, and that small voice will always whisper to me.
I know it was God’s plan for me to go back to school but I don’t know why, well maybe I know why, I am just too stubborn to see or choose to close my eyes about the reality of my situations.
I had a co-worker and we are both Christians, most of the time we talk about our plans every year and when she resigned I started to feel alone again, there are things that I want to make it right though I already finished my two year vocational course, I know it’s not enough for me to achieved my dream, I need to act and going back to school is my first step, but I have an unwavering decisions, I am not really determined to do it so many semester had passed and I did nothing.
Things happened so fast in my life, betrayal stab me, hate and resentment resurface, good thing these people has nothing to do with me anymore now, when I learned about their cunning motives to destroyed me I started to pray, I want to take revenge but I know it will just worsen the situation besides I know that God will take revenge for me, when those things happened in my life I started to contemplate things, I axed a lot of negative thoughts and faith started to arise again, I began to attend Sunday service, well most of the time its Mid-week, I started to eat and drink the word of God again. Then God began to open my mind to all the possible opportunities, He shut some door where I went and open a few door of opportunities for me, He even send people to push me to go back to school.
Also, there was a three book entitle “Unleashed your highest Potential”, “Kakasweldo palang ubos na” and “Kuntento ka na bas a kaperahan mo” by Vic & Avelynn Garcia (this is not a paid advertisement!), you can buy these books at Powerbook Trinoma, also in National Book Store.
Actually, I’ve been following their series in, after I read the books, it enlightened my mind about my potential, that God design and gave each of his creation a unique skill and we are destined to become a champion a winner a victorious one but before that happened we need to unleashed our highest potential. Then I started to declared to myself that I will win, I can finished and be a CPA soon, and I thank God because He sent me a good pusher and family were very supported specially my mother when I told her that I am going back to school. You know what she says “good thing you thought about it, you should've done it before” and so now, I’m into it, working while studying, I thought it will be hard, but it’s not, I really have fun maybe because I really want it, I enjoy every minute of it.
And One thing that I learned again, that if you plan is align into God’s will of your life He will gather everything in your favour and that’s how He showed me,
The testing period happened to me last June 15, 2015, I had no idea that it was a prelim, I just took it lightly then our professor confirmed it, that day is our prelim exam, cramming for the exam while having fever (38 degree) , and feels soar all over my body plus headache, all I wanted that time was to sleep and rest, but still I was able to finished the prelim and I know I nailed it, I know and I trust God help of wisdom on that exam. (the result of that is exam is highly remarkable) Glory to God.
I realized then that the situation has something to do with my perseverance and my faith, and so far, I have proven it, after two days my fever gone but despite of my medical condition (asthma attack) I still continue to go to work and attend my class, I Thank God because I was able to read a lot of inspirational stories about life how they we’re been tested and succeeded to reach their goal in life.
Thanks to you Father God, Thank you Jesus, and Thank you Holy Spirit for always being with me every time and for helping me to solve my problems.
There you go folks.. until my next blog… happy reading!!! God Bless us All
Hope this blog will give you inspiration..  :)

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