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SAGADA - Underground River

Travel Date: November 29, 2015

Sagada Underground River Entrance
When I learned to our guide that he include the underground river on our sight seeing tour I dint make an argument because we cannot go back to the route we cross from Hanging Coffin, instead we proceed to this place expecting nothing because as I've mentioned before this wasn't part of our activity.

as of writing I've never read any blog inside the sagada underground river, well underground was mentioned but no one wrote about what to see inside this place.

waiting for others
We took hours of non-stop walking from Hanging Coffin some are complaining but we just took the positive thinking of doing some Exercise and what we are doing that time was for the benefits of our health

 Along the way we met the Israeli Couple coming from Bokong Falls, when I heard it I thought we are already near but again I am WRONG!!! we had a little chit chat with them while catching our breath
Chitchat with Israeli Couple
On this route we need to climb and push each other up while our guide take a pull each one (sorry no pictures for that , we are too much concentrating on pushing each other up)
When I heard the rushing river, I thought it is already the Bokong Falls and we are all smiling but the guide says not yet we are too far from it (lag-lag balikat ang mga beauty namin) we took our 10 minutes rest on this rocky road
I thought we are already near at bokong Falls

10 minutes rest

taking some rest
 after 10 minutes we proceed on our never ending walking (be sure to wear proper footwear because the rock is quite sharp and slippery)

Approaching Underground River

 After the Long Walk, we finally reach the underground River, each of us has questions and our guide told us to follow him and so we obliged even there are a lot of hanging questions in the air.

Finally We reach the Entrance of Underground River

Into the Light

Inside underground River
You can noticed some lights, but when we started the walk, we are consumed with darkness and the only light we had is from our Cellphone and flashlight from our guide and go pro.

But when we started to cross the above knee deep cold water, we put all our gadgets inside our bags (naniniguro lang). The Water is too cold and according to Kuya, it was good thing the water is not rushing and I said 'WHAT?!!!"

Scared for my companion and for our safety I kept my silence I just thought that this is just part of the unforgettable experienced and pray hard to God for protection for all of us.
the Only Clear Pictures we had inside the underground River Before we came out to this Cave
Despite using Night mode of our DLSR, we failed to capture the beauty of underground River, all was blurred :(

Then the very dangerous path was when we need to climb one by one in a wooden ladder which I though it about to break, the water is rushing too hard that time and most of them exclaimed their fear and doubts, there is no other way according to Kuya Guide, and so one by One we took our courage to cross the weak wooden ladder

If you think that is the end of our dilemma you are definitely wrong, because once you step out in a small exit from wooden ladder you need to cross the sharp stone and one wrong move, you might hurt yourself badly and so what we did is we crawl our butt for safety.

(no pictures of this activity because our main concern is our safety)

I realized then that 1 over 11 people is not enough for this tour.

After an hour of darkness, we finally saw the light

waiting for others to come out from

Groupie: We Survive Underground River
Again, we thought we already cross the very hard path but again, its a no no, from this point, as the en-route to Bokong Falls, we need to cross the rushing river...

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