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Calaguas 2014

Travel Date: April 17, 2014
*** CALAGUAS ***
CALAGUAS is always on my travel bucket list since 2012 but time and budget did not allow me to visit this island. DO IT YOURSELF or D.I.Y style is not applicable here because you need to shell out a huge amount specially if you are just 2 person and I really don't want to cook my own food.
Mahabang Buhangin known as Calaguas to many tourist is located in Camarine Norte and was featured by the late "Tado" in one of the GMA 7 Documentary entitle "Ang Misteryong Paraiso".
To many travel blogger they called this island as their happy beach, some really hide the identity of this island because they are afraid that it might ruin the place like what happened to Puerto Gallera. Some called it the Gem of Northern Bicol, and others hailed as their Number 1 beach in the Philippines some called it the "Old Boracay.
The right timing came to me when I stumbled to the FB Page of Biyahe Lokal who offered a very cheap ALL IN PACKAGE for CALAGUAS, though the schedule falls on Holy Week which my family and I had a trip going to El Nido, and despite of having a Roundtrip Ticket going to Palawan, we choose Calaguas and Cancelled the other one.
My transaction with Biyahe Lokal is smooth, they are active on their FB page.
We left at 10:30pm from Cubao arrived in Vinzon Port at 6:30am, they informed us to buy plastic and wrap our bags as protection.
Ready to Go (Van Service of Biyahe Lokal)
Vinzon Port (en-route to Calaguas)
Putting our things in a Plastic which will serve as protection from getting wet  along the way
We had a almost 3 hours rough ride from Vinzon Port to Calaguas, we encounter strong waves good thing our motor boat is quite big the boat can accommodate at least 20 plus person.
We pass by on this island

Approaching Island from afar
We were the first batch to arrived in the island and the moment we set our foot on the crystal water we just exclaimed "WOW" this is incomparable beauty, the water is very clear, the water is calm, this is the beach that I wanted to visit.
Authors Note: I visited Calaguas first before Boracay
The Advantage of being first to arrive is that you had an option where to put your tent, and we choose to pitch our tent under the tree.
Our 3 Days Shelter

others choose here facing the beach (the dis-advantage: lot of people passes by

We are all hungry the moment we arrived in the island, after placing our things at our tent, we sat at the nippa hut and ate our pack adobo lunch but we don't have any rice, and to our surprise, biyahe local serves our lunch more minutes and the whole place is pack with tourist.
Day One - Lunch by Biyahe Lokal

Despite of the scorching sun we manage to take minutes of nap due to lack of sleeps and tired from almost 12 hours ride overnight, my mother manage to get a good spot at the nippa hut where the local chats.
Locals of Calaguas
At 2:30pm we asked for coffee (par of the all in package of biyahe local), we just rested a few more minutes and adjust our mood for the day activity.
Our first activity for the day is Island Hopping P100.00 per head. Don't expect the Island Hopping here like El Nido or Coron, I thought we could jump into the water and snorkel but no, the boat will just tour you from end to end of the shore and I was pretty disappointed and promise not do to it again.
Some shot that we got while "Island Hopping"

Newly Built Waling-Waling Resort
Update: As this this posting my last visit in Calaguas last May 2015, the island hopping became a real island hopping, they could bring you to one island to snorkel and dive, but I did not join them because of my first disappointment.
After the Island Hopping, we decided to swim with my companion, we just enjoy the water as it was warm, we don't mind if we get burn we just enjoy our moment together.
Look how Clear the water

US: Enjoying the water despite of the scorching Sun

You need to pay P10.00 for a pail of water in the manual water pump ("poso") and because there are many tourist, you need to line up too.
there are no convenience in Calaguas unlike Boracay, and so if you are Maarte better, check Inn at Waling Waling Resort, but you need to pay a price.
As usual the dinner serves on time, we choose to rest early because of our tired body.



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