Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sagada - Day 2 - Marlboro Tour

I woke up without worries, but I was thinking that God will never late to his answer to my plea, if He wanted me to stay in Sagada, He will open doors for me to stay.

I choose to packed my things first before taking my breakfast and around 8:30am, the owner of the guest house knocked on my door and informed me that a group left early on the third floor, and if I wanted to take it for P800.00
My P800.00 Room
 I immediately agreed with him, they help me to transfer my “almost” packed things at the third floor, with full of excitement, after taking my breakfast a little chit chat with the owners, I visit the SAGGAS to have my Marlboro Tour. P600.00 for this tour (I had no someone to share with this time)

Bring water on this tour because you will be exhausted. The Trekking will take 2 – 3 hours depends on how fast you are, and me being alone with my guide received a good feedback with him, he says, that I am fast climber
En-route to Marlboro

my SAGGAS Guide
I was a bit disappointed with what I saw maybe because I had a high expectation on this tour, but I just enjoy the sun and the wind

Me - Just Enjoying the View

We went back almost 1:00pm and I decided to have my late lunch at Strawberry Café. As usual it will take you to wait for 30 – 45 minutes before the food to be served.

P70.00 Yogart
I ordered the pancakes first but then have to change it into a heavy meal which is a wrong move again, because the chicken was too blunt for my taste but I enjoyed their Yogart Shake,

One thing I noticed on this café, they are very attentive to the foreigners than to the local solo traveler, why? I noticed that when I was there, upon entering I immediately approached the counter to see the menu, the woman was so grumpy, pouting, if I am not famished that very moment I would definitely leave the place, after placing my order, I waited on my sit, then a group of locals came, the grumpy lady immediately approached them and gave the menu and offer their best sellers same like they did to the group of foreigners and other partners outside.

After my not so good lunch I headed back to the lodge and took some nap.

Evening came and this time, I decided to explore the community, as usual it was freezing cold outside, I just roam around and tried to visit the echo valley tour, but it was getting dark so I withheld my plans.

I visited the “Thrift Market” and bought 4 jackets worth P470.00 it has a good quality.
I noticed on this trip that I did nothing but to packed and unpacked hahahaha funny me, but I really had fun on this solo trip despite of many un”fortunate” things happens to me.


I went back to the lodge around 7:00pm, packed my things for early check out next day.

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